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A Community for the Sampler! www.homeofthesampler.com

...a place for your latest projects and whatnot!

Sampler Community
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This little community was created for friends, fans, contributors and subscribers to the Sampler -- a little business I created to promote independent businesses of all kinds! For more information on the Sampler, please visit our site: www.homeofthesampler.com!

The Sampler Community was created for the discussion of things Sampler, but is also a nice little resource area for small, independent business people -- feel free to post questions about businessy stuff. Contributors are also welcome to talk about their own businesses and websites, make announcements, etc.. You can post about promotions or sales you're having on your site, even! However, Please Refreain From SPAM. If it becomes clear that you're using the community for Advertising Purposes Only, people will most certainly complain to me and I will have to remove you. Sorry.

Please read our quick little rules post before posting. They're not too hard to follow, and they make the community a much happier place.

Finally, please be nice. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, certainly. But, tact and diplomacy are greatly encouraged!